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Pathology Services

We have facility for blood testing wherein all the blood tests are performed. This is to facilitate our patients so that all testing is done under one roof. The sample collection is done by qualified personnel only, so as to avoid any inconvenience to the patients.

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Paediatric Eye Care

At the time of birth, the visual system is not completely developed. It is recommended to get your child’s eyes checked during preschool (age 3 years) and on school entry. Any untreated refractive errors, or squinting eyes or other problems diminish the visual potential of that eye, and may hamper overall development of the child. […]

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Contact Lens

Contact lenses are thin clear discs of plastic, which are placed on the surface of the eye to correct for refractive error. For persons engaged in outdoor sports activities and driving, they offer a better option over spectacles. In persons with anisometropia (large difference in the spectacle power between two eyes), spectacle correction may give […]

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Cornea and Ocular Surface Disorders

Cornea is the transparent layer in the front of the eye, through which light rays enter the eye. Any problems in the cornea, can lead to loss of transparency, pain and other symptoms. We at Aarogyam, manage a variety of corneal problems, mainly which include – Keratitis – infection of the cornea      You […]

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A squint is an eye condition in which the two eyes are misaligned, and appear to look in different directions. It is commonly seen in children as well as adults. Esotropia is the condition wherein the two eyes appear to look inwards, in the direction of the nose. Exotropia is where they appear to look […]

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Diabetic Eye Screening

Diabetes today has become a very common disease. It is a microvasculopathy i.e. condition affecting small calibre blood vessels all over the body, including the retina of the eye. The blockade of these vessels may cause new fragile vessels to grow into the eye (neovascularization). These vessels leak and give rise to macular edema, bleeding […]

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Glaucoma is a disease entity in which there is slow, progressive and permanent damage to the optic nerve. Optic nerve carries informative signals from the retina to the brain. This damage leads to a loss of vision that is irreversible and permanent. It is thus ‘a silent thief of vision’ as symptoms are not very […]

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The natural lens of the eye is clear. As age advances, it starts losing its transparency. A cataract is an opacification of this crystalline lens. If your age is more than 40, and you are having symptoms like blurring of vision, frequently changing glasses, using a high correction for reading than appropriate for age, diplopia, […]

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Eye Specialist Consultation

Comprehensive Eye Check-up is done at the clinic by Dr. Amruta S. Tripathi for all the age group of patients. During complete eye examination, she not only determines your prescription for glasses, but also checks for common eye diseases and assesses eyes as an indicator of your well-being. She makes sure that she gives adequate […]

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Paediatric Device Closure

In conditions with abnormal shunts or holes in the heart like – ASD (Atrial Septal Defect), VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus), there can be mixing of pure (oxygenated) and impure (deoxygenated)  blood leading to breathlessness, weakness and other symptoms . A ‘Closure Device’, is a small device that helps to close such […]

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